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Funky Original Songs

I’ve been working on some original songs.  I spent some time last year covering a bunch of old funky tunes.  One of my goals with this project was to learn about songwriting, arranging, recording & production by having to completely rebuild these great tunes, learning & playing all the parts.

It was also a great way to prime my creativity to write some funky originals of my own!  Enjoy!


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Major Notes In Minor Pentatonic

I’ve been working on updating this series of GT tutorials on spicing up blues licks.  The central idea is to use the minor pentatonic boxes we know and love as guitarists, but to target chord tones.  This means that you can use those familiar pentatonic boxes as a visual reference, but to add spice by targeting major chord tones from the dominant seventh chords in the standard 12 bar blues changes.

This works well because it’s one of the reasons “blues” sounds like it does: the use of minor notes in a primarily major harmonic context.  So, in order to make our blues sound better, we should incorporate major notes into the minor scales when we play melodic lines!

Notice that if you play the major third of the A major chord along with the A minor pentatonic scale, then you immediately get an distinctly “bluesy” sound.

GT recently made some of the lessons in this first tutorial free to view!


Here’s a demo of the play along!  Enjoy!

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Fast Blues Lick Lesson

Here’s a short lesson on sequencing pentatonic minor in 3s to use as a fast blues lick.

I have in depth GT tutorials on playing this pattern across the fretboard in all 5 pentatonic boxes.

Major pentatonic

Minor pentatonic

Enjoy!  Play more guitar!

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